Eric Andrew Taylor


Eric Andrew Taylor began recording musical artists after first developing a knack for self-producing his own solo projects as a singer/songwriter. Eric knew he was only as limited as his willingness to grow as an engineer and a musician, so for the past eight years, he has devoted himself to the disciplines of the studio. The four main instruments in his arsenal are drums, guitar, keys and bass, but Eric’s expertise also extends to vocals. As an accredited professional in the area of voice and resonance, having earned his Master’s degree in Speech & Language Pathology, Eric’s lifelong love of singing is only enhanced by his deep understanding of what makes a voice. 


Eric’s work has garnered recognition for his own music, as well as the music of those he serves, having charted with iTunes Top 50 Singer/Songwriters upon the release of his record, It All Ends With A Glitch, and earning a featured spot on Pat Monahan’s Train Tracks. Eric’s clients continue to find placements on top Spotify curated playlists and earn attention from music management affiliates and other professionals in the industry. Eric Andrew Taylor works out of his studio in Pensacola, Florida and looks forward to working with you.

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